Life CC is so passionate about impacting & changing the lives of those in our community that we make make it a priority to dedicate resources year after year to these important ministries!

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Every Friday, 3-4 pm - registration, 4 pm - food distribution. If you are in need of groceries for your family, you are welcome to come to the Food Closet anytime and as frequently as you need. If you’d like more information or are interested in serving, please contact Anne & Kelly HERE.

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One Time Per Month (Day Varies), 6 - 8 pm. The Gathering Inn is an organization dedicated to helping lift the homeless of our community by providing temporary housing, job resources, meals and more. We host the Gathering Inn every month by giving them a place to sleep & feeding them an amazing dinner! If you are interested in serving, contact

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Open throughout the week by appointment. We accept gently used clothing & shoes to give to those in need. The Clothing Closet is available during our Gathering Inn evenings as well. If you are in need of clothing items or would like to donate, please contact Anne HERE.

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HeLP Ministry

Every Tuesday & Wednesday. The HeLP Ministry is our homeless lunch program. Every Tuesday evening, a group of volunteers make and assemble lunches to deliver on Wednesdays in downtown Roseville. If you’d like more information or would like to serve, contact Bill Holbert.

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Throughout the year, we engage with schools in our community that fall under the Government Title 1 Program. Title 1 schools are defined as those who have 40% or greater of their students who are part of families who are classified as low income. If you would like more information please contact Pat Gorath.

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One Saturday per month. Our Sewing Ministry partners with organizations in our community and around the world for a variety of reasons. They make items for comfort the sick, clothe those in need or to honor those who have served our country. They also aid in skills training via mission trips to 3rd world countries (i.e. Uganda). If you would like more information please contact Angie Walters.

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Life CC is partnering with Safe Harbor to help support foster families and children in our community with a variety of resources & respite night opportunities. We’d love for you to join us in serving this community! Email us at for more information on how you can volunteer for respite nights & how you can help serve with the mealtrain!


If you would like to financially support any of the Compassion Ministries at Life CC in a creative way, we accept all your recycling (cans, bottles etc)! Please contact Chuck Knabe for information on how you can get involved!