We are passionate about authentic worship & reaching our community with the life changing message of the Gospel! Worship Pastor & Recording Artist, Will Derryberry is dedicated to “meeting people where they’re at” by taking music & message out into the community.

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Two on Tuesday

Will is joined by Madeline McArthur in forming the duo, Two on Tuesday, and have just released their newest album of the same name. You can find more information on their community appearances & album at www.willderryberry.net.


Wells - A Missional Ministry

“Wells” is a missional ministry endeavor to meet people where they are at. Wells in ancient times were hang outs. They were BC versions of coffeehouses, pubs, restaurants, and homes. Jesus didn’t invite the common folks to the synagogue. Throughout the Gospels, you’ll find that Jesus hung out at wells. He was accused of hanging out with the wrong people in the wrong places. Finding Jesus at a party with a tax collector or having a conversation with a Samaritan woman at a well where a Jewish man not ought to be was what Jesus did.

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Wells continued…

Our intention is to extend our gifts (2 Timothy 1:6) by bringing music arts into the market place. We are committed to utilize music arts concerts, as “wells” moments, by meeting and establishing relationships with individuals and partnering with businesses in our community. Our aim is about making new friends and growing relationships, showing the love of Christ to the community, earning the right to be heard and trusted by our neighbors. We are set on creating an environment for connection to happen that the church goer and non church goer can experience together.


For more information, contact Will Derryberry or Madeline McArthur